Horus Des Maine Shags

 22.03.2014- 01.25.2015

We have announced you the sadness of the loss of our regrettable as this January 25, 2015 Horus party way too early in a sad accident at home, he leaves behind a great void and great sorrow. We will, however, leaves the most wonderful gifts 4 little love born without union with our nice Thalys, we will keep this marriage a trace of him thanks to this Saori woman who was also a big helping heart .We don 't forget I love you not Horus strong

Horus came from a farm in France, with whom we share the same vision of farming. Horus was a real love at first sight for me, it is exactly what I was looking for our first breeding male, good size, excellent skeleton, a beautiful box as well as very beautiful well placed ears and a golden character. He immediately adapted to his new environment, it took 2.3 days to be accepted by the other cats in the house. He was adventurous, strong and without fear of discovering new things, although a little reserved with the new head at the beginning but it was quickly forgotten to make room for hugs and conversations. In short it is a pleasure to have had him with us, thank Floriane and Nico for this wonderful loulou you were kind enough to give us. it disappeared remains painful and difficult despite the passage of time.

We are always together with one farm to external projections, which allows us to have a variety of colors or markings.
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